The Gigging Musician


The Gigging Musician draws from Mitchell’s life as an international jazz musician, bandleader, producer and educator. It is a “solution-packed” book that address specific problems in finding, planning and playing gigs. Extensive interviews conducted by Mitchell provide more insight into the process, along with helpful information and useful ideas.
Part 1: Addresses personal issues such as fear of rejection, stage fright, persistence and planning. Part 2: Your Band Getting along with other musicians, advice on being a bandleader from Eric Ekstrand and Chuck Wansley, thoughts on moving the band forward from producer Larry Hathaway and words of wisdom from Grammy winner Pancho Sanchez.Part 3: Your Gig, The business of music, and the personal experiences of several successful industry members.

Book Signing - The Gigging MuscianSchedule A “Gigging Musician” Workshop

For High School & College Music Programs

Based on Billy Mitchell’s Book “The Gigging Musician,” this workshop is a live, on-site clinic conducted by musician, author and recording artist Billy Mitchell.

The presentation covers many of the important issues facing working musicians today, including:

    • Topics covered in the workshop include:
      • Setting up a gig
      • Stage fright
      • Managing relationships
      • Solving Problems
      • Creating success
      • Preparing for a recording session
      • Developing survival skills, sales skills and people skills
      • Finances
      • Working in a group
      • The “4 Ps” that make it possible to be a relevant and successful musician
      • Billy Mitchell’s theorum on career progression

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