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Sedona Winds
Love Talks
My Happy New Year
Waves, the title tune includes everything in my life. It was also inspired by the scenic Route 1 of the California coast. Aossa is a word in my hometown that means let’s meet, which is what I want to do with “Aossamba.” It is my dream to meet people and play music from all over the world. “Sedona Winds” came to me while driving in the cool Arizona night, few people and a sky full of stars. “Yahoo.” It was my very first composition and and it shows my joy in learning Jazz music and my hope for a future in music. “Love Talk” is all about the man in my life and the words that we shared when we were separated by thousands of miles. January 1st is the new for everyone. “My Happy New Year “ is a different date. – Yuko Mabuchi