Never Give Up On Love

  • Billy Mitchell - Never Give Up On Love

    Billy Mitchell - Never Give Up On Love

Never Give Up On Love
Conga Man
It Could Only Be You
Dreams (Interlude)
Forest of Dreams
Blue Monday
Southern Shadows
Penthouse Sweet
Moment In Time (Interlude)
Southern Shadows (Edited)
Conga Man (Edited)

Warren Adams Vocals (Background)
John Bolivar Flute
Sandra Booker Vocals
Sonny Chaney Composer
Eric Fahlborg Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
Brian Friedman Engineer
Hollis Gentry Sax (Soprano)
Welton Gite Arranger, Bass (Electric), Composer, Producer, Programming
Ilyana Vocals (Background)
Munyungo Jackson Arranger, Congas, Percussion
Robert Kyle Sax (Tenor), Saxophone
Mindas Concept Design, Photography
Billy Mitchell Arranger, Composer, Keyboards, Primary Artist, Producer, Synthesizer
Jo Marie Payton Executive Producer
Werner Schuchner Bass, Guitar
Stuart Turner Vocals (Background)
Mark V. Engineer

Imitating the jazz giants who gave him the greatest inspiration — from Miles Davis to Herbie Hancock and Ramsey Lewis– keyboardist Billy Mitchell’s choice to alternate straight-ahead jazz dates with contemporary R&B/funk-driven smooth jazz has earned him respect from both camps over the years, even if it has slightly hurt his commercial momentum . After a few colorful excursions into swing (1996’s Cat’s Pajamas) and straight-ahead (1997’s Passion, recorded live with his quintet), Mitchell returns to the smooth jazz fold with his Paras Recording Co. debut, Never Give Up on Love, a vibrant and eclectic session which combines raw and edgy funk, graceful ballads, and even some worldbeat influences. The title track begins with Welton Gete’s snappy solo bassline and the roaring sax of Robert Kyle before easing into a bouncy note-for-note duet between Mitchell’s high-end ivories and sultry vocalist Sandra Booker; on this tune as well as the cheerful, Joe Sample-influenced “It Could Only Be You,” Mitchell breaks into slick radio-friendliness for a buoyant, extended improvisation. Typical of his more heartfelt side is “Southern Shadows,” an instrumental version of a tune Mitchell wrote for singer Jo Marie Payton a few years ago; it’s a dramatic, ambient piano meditation with gentle wordless vocals and mystical soundscaping by Munyungo Jackson. Jackson’s dense percussion helps Mitchell score in the opposite extreme, helping drive the intense shuffle jam “Conga Man,” a big anthemic and exotic party explosion (complete with background noise) that showcases Mitchell’s ambitious production skills even if it short-shrifts his own playing.

My long time friend, bassist and programmer, Welton Gite is responsible for most of the arrangements on this project. These are some of my original tunes written with the groove in mind – Billy Mitchell