In Focus

  • Billy Mitchell - In Focus

    Billy Mitchell - In Focus

Come In Out of the Pain
Someday We’ll All Be Free
Serengeti (The Adventure)
As The City Sleeps
Soft Touch
The Juba Dancer
Stand Up America (Long Version)
Billy Mitchell Keyboards
Welton Gite Bass
Quentin Dennard Drums
Brian Nakagawa, Richard Smith Guitar
Brenda Lee Eager Lead Vocals
Eric Garner, Benay Warren, Hilliard Wilson Backing Vocals
Munyungo Jackson, Woody Johnson Percussion
John Bolivar Saxophone
Michael Bolivar, Ed Howard Composer
Bobby Rodriguez, Laroon Holt Trumpet
Many of my original compositions were influenced by the musicians who played on the recordings. This project was popular on the Quiet Storm format, and was a mix of pop-latin-funk grooves. It features several theme based compositions – Billy Mitchell